by Vulgaari

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Metallurgical Fire
Metallurgical Fire thumbnail
Metallurgical Fire This album is six years old and in comparatively few collections. People must be insane if they’ve listened to any song on here and not picked it up, especially at nyp. This is Sludge-doom that Death-doom fans will really go for as well. The playing is first rate, the compositions are completely engaging, and the vocals are perfect for the style as well. This is an underrated gem. Favorite track: Match.
Some guy
Some guy thumbnail
Some guy Listening to this reminded me of something I couldn't quite place. Then it clicked. A lot of it is kinda like if Germany's "Doomed" got faster, groovier and more cheery, as odd as that sounds. Those pretty-sounding guitars over the deep, dark sludgey mire. Good stuff.
Sunset Mission
Sunset Mission thumbnail
Sunset Mission A furious debut with an instalove quality. Beautiful amalgamation of filthy riffs and fantastic guitar solos only very few bands can manage without losing the crushing edge. An album to love and have on repeat until the tinnitus hits. Favorite track: Outride the Reaper.
Shawn Vriezen
Shawn Vriezen thumbnail
Shawn Vriezen So many good tracks on this album. Well worth the price. Can't stop listening. Favorite track: Black Mountain.
Marcin Piotr Kaczmarek
Marcin Piotr Kaczmarek thumbnail
Marcin Piotr Kaczmarek Heavy-doomed melodies, great guitars. It's been five years since it was released and I still love it!
Frederick Squier
Frederick Squier thumbnail
Frederick Squier Amazing Album from two very talented new comers!! Enough axe work for any Metal Head \nn/ Favorite track: Outride the Reaper.
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A World Created (free) 05:18
Battlestag (free) 04:28
Match (free) 07:04
Black Mountain (free) 04:48
Lie (free) 07:58
77 74 (free) 07:28
Outride the Reaper (free) 07:52
Forever Roam (free) 07:26
Dirt from the Grave (free) 04:44


"This is one of the best sludge/doom debuts of recent years and already this band has surpassed the output of many more seasoned acts in their sub-genre. Doom and sludge is the essence of Vulgaari, but dust that up with touches of death metal and heavy psych and you've got the idea. There is something about this band's songwriting that elevates the tracks above the usual and makes them more memorable than the run of the mill sludge filling the racks these days." -

"Vulgaari break from the pack and serve every metal fan a dose of all they've ever needed. There's no picking and choosing, no sampler pack. This is stoner-sludge-doom kissed with melodic power metal, all beautifully realized and well-executed." -

"Vulgaari bring down mountain-sized blasts of ultra-sludgy, catastrophic doom, riven by flashes of swirling melodic guitar melodies that echo off the collapsing granite walls. Listening is like an ethereal journey through space-time at the final implosion of the cosmos. It’s massively heavy stuff, but it’s a narcotic head-trip at the same time." -

"Vulgaari oozes with treacly slow tempos, rich blues-inflected riffing, and a suffocatingly heavy guitar tone. Although it initially seems like a barbarous, crude record (look at the name, for a start), these elements are actually blended together in a balanced and intelligent way." -

"Brooding, dense, and with the right proportions of melody, VULGAARI’s debut should have Metal fans the galaxy over taking notice" -

"Yet behind everything melodic they do, there remains an inevitable, relentless, doomy undercurrent. It's as if they sprinkle just enough moments of light into the songs to emphasise how truly dark the journey they're taking you on really is." -

"Massive sludgey riffs, haunting guitar harmonies, ultra low growls, super raw production that lends atmosphere to the whole deal. If you like doom, I think you’d LOVE this." -

"Vulgaari puts their own distinct soul into a filthy rotten style of doomed death metal; Essential for those with an open-minded taste in the extreme. Give this a try!" -

" unreasonably heavy and slightly spaced out brand of music... Funeral Sludge" -

"Slow, plodding, but darkly melodic doom. Kind of Atlas Mothian in tone and feel, but more deliberate and depressing. Some awesome twin guitar leads in Track 3, “Match.” If Type O Negative went doom they might sound like Vulgaari." -

"Talking about originality is only valid for a semi-good album where an artist might have tried to push a certain genre boundary to some extent, but when the overall music is as enjoyable as Vulgaari, you would want to swallow it in every way possible." -

"It’s a brilliantly produced effort that you will be listening to time and time again.
Some of the best Sludge/Stoner/Thrash Crossover Metal tracks you will hear this year. One of the best Crossover Sludge/Thrash/Stoner Metal debut releases I have had the pleasure to hear." -

"Vulgaari have somehow made Stoner-Rock sleazy and sexy enough to strain the oldest denim. Yes there are sampled references to Satan but it feels more like the Satan of the 70s who was all about blondes in cut-offs (shorts and shirts), cars with low gas mileage, long hair and booze-inspired weekend rebellion." -

"Making use of crunchy and brutal-sounding downtuned guitars, Vulgaari's debut album does have a bit of a sludgy sound to it, but, for my money, it is much less generic and much more interesting than most ultra-heavy sludge metal I have come across. This is, at its core, doom metal." -

"Doom metal is many things, but it is rarely as much fun as this record... immensely heavy and downtrodden, but not for once do they repeat themselves nor do they wear old on the listeners like so many recordings of the ilk." -

"The guitars always shine, and with half the songs hovering in the seven-minute spectrum, there’s plenty of open area for them to roam free. Minutes go by with nothing but the beauty of static-drenched leads to tide the listener until the next inhuman bellow comes out." -


released February 14, 2012

All instrumentation by Zack Kinsey and Brent Hedtke.
Mixed and mastered by Dinis DeCarvalho of Beast Mountain Audio. MPLS, MN. USA.


all rights reserved



Vulgaari Minneapolis, Minnesota

Vulgaari started as a recording project by Zack Kinsey and Brent Hedtke. It has since become a full band.

Lineup consists of:
Brent Hedtke: Guitar
Todd Haug: Guitar
Zack Kinsey: Guitar/Vocals
Dinis DeCarvahlo: Bass
"Minnesota Pete" Campbell: Drums
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